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Friday, June 05, 2015


Chaos in St. Paul Schools

A few days ago I posted an article about schools in St. Paul, MN which had implemented a curriculum guided by the Pacific Educational Group. Here is a message from a former teacher in that district.

Thanks, xxxx, I want to send this on to my colleagues. They have told me it is complete chaos. 2 years ago they told me they had to say they were speaking from "white privilege" and it destroyed even the good relationships they had with their black students. I pray daily for my friends there as it has become extremely dangerous. They are told not to block the doorway or anyone who wants to come in or leave. That teacher who is quoted in the article- I can guarantee you she will be punished by the school district. All of my friends have told me they are so glad I am not there anymore as it is too dangerous. My QRC had told me St Paul teachers were being injured at an alarming rate. It disgusts me. Totally.

It doesn't take long for a culture to break down. The thin veneer of civilization is a lot more fragile than most people imagine. If the elected or appointed leaders of communities no longer believe that our traditional culture is a positive good, then we have chaos. And chaos is not abstract. It's not just pushing and shoving. It's riots in Baltimore. It's the police - the thin blue line - demonstrating what happens when they stop being proactive. It's measured in body count.

But it's also reflected in the attitudes and opinions of those that don't riot or kill. These people lose respect for the bonds that hold the culture together. And when that manifests itself in action, the results will make past riots and killings look like a grade school picnic. Eventually peace will be restored, but many people may not like how the new show is run.

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