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Saturday, June 08, 2013


Ann Althouse on Obama

I watched the video at the link 3 times because I was fascinated by the hesitations and the facial expressions. I can't tell when/whether he's lying, but I can tell when he's pleased with himself.
Ann Althouse is a woman. Her comment about watching an Obama video clip is a woman’s reaction. She’s looking of visual cues, for facial tells, for hesitancy in speaking. She probably does that when she’s talking with her husband or her female friends, because that’s what women do. And people who can speak with apparent sincerity, no matter if they are speaking the biggest bullshit, and do it with a straight face, convince her.

Men, on the other hand, listen to the words. They listen for inconsistencies, for untruths, for self-congratulation, for straw men arguments and, as Obama does again in this speech, blaming Bush.

That’s disappointing in a law professor, but then she did vote for Obama.

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