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Saturday, June 08, 2013


Hitler uses the Obama excuse: "I don't blame people for being outraged. I'm outraged too. I learned about this holocaust from the news reports, just like the rest of you."

One of the comments by C Stanley on the Althouse blog made this darkly humorous comment in the headline.  Remember, there are no written orders from Hitler ordering the extermination of the Jews.   Perhaps his supporters just assumed that's what he wanted done and went ahead on their own, like the IRS underlings in Cincinnati.   Could it be that Hitler has been wrongly accused all this time?   That he would have put a stop to it if he had only known? 
Yeah, it all makes sense now.  If only Hitler Obama had known. 

UPDATE:  Thanks to Kate at  Small Dead Animals.  And from the comments:

Quick, someone make a Downfall parody video, "Hitler finds out about the Holocaust"...

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And also the Soviet saying during the famines, purges, etc:

"If only Stalin knew"
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