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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Dear Democrats, I Hold You Personally Responsible


Every person who voted for Biden is culpable and we need to rub their noses into it — hard and often. I continue to believe that massive fraud got Biden into the White House, but he also got a whole lot of votes. These people, who insist that the election was honest, should be told that they are personally responsible for little girls being kidnapped as sex slaves, for people being tortured in Afghanistan, for Americans trapped there with no way out, for inflation destroying the lives of old and poor people, for our energy dependency on the Muslim oil-producing states and Russia, for skyrocketing murders in inner cities devoid of police, for COVID’s (and crime’s, especially sex crime’s) spread through America cities as the illegal aliens pouring in from across the world are joined by Afghans....

We had a president who gave us peace, prosperity, and safety — a safety he spread around the world with his aggressive efforts to protect America and Israel. We also had a president who understood how you do a drawdown: First, you notify your allies. Second, you evacuate your own people. Third, you clean out incriminating information. Fourth, you see about getting to safety those who worked with you. Fifth, you get all weapons, vehicles, airplanes, and other military supplies out. And sixth and last, you get your troops out.

That’s how you do it — but these mindless, stupid, propagandized, indoctrinated fools blew it all up, not just the retreat but everything. If they’re open to reason, reason with them. But if they’re leftist drones, be as ugly to them as they’ve been to us. It’s game theory — we need to beat them at their own game by playing harder and rougher. Otherwise, they’ll never stop.

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