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Sunday, August 22, 2021

The upside of defeat in Afghanistan


Right now the nation is facing its second defeat in the last 50 years.  First, we were defeated in Viet Nam.  Now we are defeated in Afghanistan.  Tens of thousands of our citizens are trapped behind enemy lines.  The country is reeling from this disaster.  

But there's the upside.  This is a defeat, a disaster so blatant, so avoidable, so close to everyone in the country that it can't be covered up.  We're watching it live on TV.  Keep in mind that this disaster was brought to you by the same people who thought that this was a smart idea.  White House intern skipping around the office.

And that means it's an opportunity to change the direction of the country.

Conservatives - and I am persuaded that includes most of the people in this country - know in their bones that the country was headed in the wrong direction.  This country was rapidly being consumed by the Left.  The Left was triumphant everywhere you looked: culture, academia, government, law, medicine, churches, and especially the media were steering the country in the direction they wanted it to go.  And those who objected were canceled, destroyed, even imprisoned.  

Now suddenly, in the space of a few days, the Left crashed.  The political leaders of the Left: Biden, Loyd Austin, General Milley, Kamela Harris, Anthony Blinken the rest of the Biden administration, have crashed.  

The Afghanistan debacle was not the fault of the men who fought there, but the leaders who failed, and lied.  They failed and lied so spectacularly that even its handmaidens in the press are unable to spin their way out of this.   

Roger Kimball writes: 

The Rotten Edifice Revealed

In Afghanistan, the technocratic legitimacy of our administrative masters is being exploded.

 The problem is, of course, the wondrous world of instant communications. We have all seen these videos of the Taliban manhandling the crowds outside the gates of the airport, not to mention the scads of anxious reports from people trapped in their homes, awaiting a knock on the door from the Taliban, and news reports of the condemnation of the Biden Administration by the British Parliament. And there is the now-iconic image of that gigantic military transport plane lumbering down the runway in Kabul, surrounded by hundreds, maybe thousands, of Afghans, some of whom clung to the landing gear only to fall from the plane after it took off. 

Afghanistan is becoming the largest hostage crisis in our history, making Jimmy Carter's hostage crisis in Iran disappear into irrelevance.  Where are we headed?   We are in for a reckoning.

For that we have the bumbling, mentally incontinent Joe Biden to thank, he and his clown car of self-absorbed spiritually adipose bureaucrats who prance about in a cloud of self-importance, shedding disaster like dandruff. 

But they're simply the end result of a nation that has killed tens of millions of its children in the womb, where actual educational institutions charge obscene sums to teach children to hate their parents, their religion, their country, and people with different skin colors.  Where inept government officials perform medical experiments on an entire world while lying that it's about science.

There is a God and he punishes sin.  And there has been a lot of sinning.  The Israel of the Bible learned this lesson numerous times.  But he forgives those who repent.  

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