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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Going with the Flow


Mark Steyn has a few pithy comments on the current state of the world.

Too enfeebled to conceal his boredom with the caskets of US servicemen dead because of him, he [Biden] glanced at his expensive watch, and still couldn't tell Americans what time it is.

and ...

It was a drone which took out an alleged "ISIS-K" plotter on Saturday. On Fox News, Johnny "Joey" Jones said his fellow veterans were almost uniformly cynical at how the same "intelligence community" that thought Kabul would fall in sixty-to-ninety days had somehow identified the unfortunate Mister Big and droned him in nothing flat. I'm inclined to agree, and feel a wee bit sorry for surely the unluckiest goatherd in Afghanistan: "Where are you going, Ahmed?" "O beloved, I am just taking the goat for a walk. I will be back in twenty minutes."

 and ...

It's the same all over the map, even unto the Five Eyes: Australia, New Zealand, Canada are all more Sino-craven than they were two decades ago. If you assume everyone is in the pay of Beijing, including key elements of the misnamed American government, the day's developments make perfect sense.

concluding ...

 Most Americans have little appetite for the tedious chores of global hegemon; they're already shrugging off Afghanistan for the exciting victories closer to home: Harvard's new "chaplain" is an atheist; DC's most elite private schools have decided that "physics classes will include discussions of social justice such as kneeling during the national anthem"; in California, high-schoolers now place their hands on their hearts before the LGBTQWERTY flag and teacher Kristin Pitzen declares, "I pledge allegiance to the queers." There is nothing progressive or edgy or groovy about these weary provocations: American education is merely another dead thing, inert and decayed and drifting with the stream. The contempt in which it held by Xi and Macron alike is entirely deserved.

Out there, in towns you've never heard of, among people you've never heard of, there is still life in America, but to survive they will have to give up reflex veneration for institutions that despise them. The urgent objective is to throw off this awful diseased albatross of a self-enriching know-nothing Sino-suck-up elite whose chosen frontman's decrepitude was designed to teach voters that electoral politics is entirely irrelevant as a mechanism of change. Any meaningful course correction will not come from McConnell and McCarthy: You have to shift the direction, and the dead thing of Conservatism Inc will drift along with the flow.