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Sunday, August 08, 2021

The wrong way to handle Leftist terror

 A group of Christians in Portland Oregon decide to hold a prayer event in a waterfront park.

If you wondered what it looked like when Nazi brown shirts went after the churches in Germany, wonder no more: It probably looked like Portland on Saturday, when black bloc-outfitted antifa thugs burst into a waterfront prayer event featuring persecuted Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski. The terrorists sprayed those gathered, including toddlers, with chemicals and lobbed IEDs.

“Where is your God, now?” taunted one of the attackers.

It went about as expected.  the Christians, including women and young children, were routed. 

At some point, it has to occur to Conservatives that they are not going to get support from politicized police departments or public officials.  

When is it going to occur to people on our side that setting yourself up as punching bags does nothing at this point?  We know that Antifa is an organized group of thugs who like to beat us up.  We know that the political authorities are objectively on their side.  We know that the news media support them, attacking us and covering up their violence.  Videos of Leftist violence, whether it's an Antifa attack or a BLM riot is no longer news, it's part of the background noise of America run by Democrats and the Uniparty Republicans.  

Frankly, seeing videos of Conservative Christians getting beaten by Antifa does not get my blood boiling.  It's dispiriting.  It's a lesson in doing it wrong.  Christians are often told to ask "What would Jesus do? (WWJD)?  

Here's a news flash: we are not Jesus.  Jesus had to die to fulfill his earthly mission.  His objective was to die on a cross on Calvary, in expiation for the sins of the world.  Because you're not Jesus, getting beaten even dying has no effect in wiping away mankind's sin.  And it certainly will not defeat Antifa.       

Here's something that will: people who are bigger, stronger and tougher than Antifa.  Antifa are bullies who have, up to now, been busy stealing your lunch money and giving you a black eye if you resisted, just like in school.  

They dress in black, wear masks, throw fireworks, deploy umbrellas and use bear spray.   These are not powerful weapons.  They only work against those who will not fight back: police after being told the "stand down" or those who think that getting their rout recorded on Twitter videos is winning.

Anyone can wear a mask; in fact, the Biden administration urging everyone to wear masks so our side should be masked.  Even better, wear a gas mask.  Umbrellas are easy to defeat; carry what pre-industrial armies held: spears. Long poles with sharp ends rip through umbrellas like they are not even there.  A flick of the wrist and the umbrella is gone.  Fireworks?  How about sparklers in close-up encounters?   Tactical vests will cushion lots of blows.  Antifa should be the ones calling for police protection, not Christians.  We are the good guys.  We need to act like it.  

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