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Friday, August 20, 2021

AOC Goes To Afghanistan To Warn Refugees Not To Come To Oppressive Racist America


KABUL—According to sources, AOC was alarmed after seeing thousands of people desperately trying to escape Afghanistan and come to America. 

"Oh no! Like, what are they doing?" shrieked AOC at her TV screen. "Don't they know America is full of systemic oppression? I need to go save them right now!" 

AOC then picked up her top-secret squad phone. "Get the squad together," she said. "We have brown people to save." 

She then assembled the squad in their secret squad jet and flew behind enemy lines to warn the Afghans to stay out of America before it was too late. 

"Salam Alaikum my fellow austere religious BIPOCs!" she cried through a bullhorn. "Don't come to America! It is a trap! There are microaggressions and racisms everywhere, and white people appropriating your culture! Please stay here where you'll be safe and your human rights will be respected!"

She then ran over to the nearest aircraft and tried to slash the tires but failed, due to her being small and weak with no upper-body strength. 

The Taliban then threw her in prison for being outside without a man.

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