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Thursday, June 06, 2013


The religious bigotry of the Virginian Pilot

The religious bigots at the Virginian Pilot have run editorials, news stories and carefully selected letters to the editors to smear E.W. Jackson, a Black minister who won the Republican nomination for Lieutenant governor of Virginia. Why so much hatred for a Black man? The answer is simple religious bigotry combined with the political bête noir of the Left: a Black conservative.

Black conservatives are vilified as a matter of course because they represent the runaway slave to the slave masters of the Democrat Party. In the 21st Century they don’t send the dogs out after them anymore; instead they strip them of their dignity and roast them over the slow fires of racial hatred as only people who control the mass media can.
But if that Black man is a preacher and adheres to Christianity, he becomes dangerous. Like Nat Turner, he has to be killed because there are a lot of Black Christians and if they begin to band together they become a threat to the ruling class.

So we have the editors of the Virginian Pilot trying to make sure that this revolt is put down with the maximum violence. E.W. Jackson’s crime? He believes that homosexuality is a sin. Why does he believe it? Because as a Christian his faith informs him that it is one of the sins that people commit.

The Virginian Pilot’s editors have surpassed Christianity long ago and now join with the Romans in crucifying anyone who adheres to that ancient faith. To them, 2000 years of Christianity was a huge error and all its adherents were bigots. The revelation they worship occurred during the last Gay Pride parade. They worship at the Church of What’s Happening Now. Global Warning is their faith and abortion is their sacrament. And people who disbelieve must be consigned to the flames.
"Quo vadis Domine"

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